Do you worry about...
  • Who is ready to take the most senior roles on your team?
  • Having the right people in the "wrong seats”
  • Having the wrong people in critical positions?
  • Giving constructive feedback and managing performance issues?
  • Creating a high-performance culture?

Coaching and people development is an area of expertise for Diane who has helped to build very successful teams!

Diatom Resources

Diatom supports small to medium sized manufacturing companies to help them with continuous improvement and achieving new levels of quality standards. The company pairs deep specialized expertise, with the next generation of highly educated and motivated young professionals. Our team of quality professionals, regulatory experts, project managers, quality control technologists, and auditory experts provide a well-rounded and robust foundation for all your professional needs.

"Diatom Consulting offers leadership strategies and experienced resources to facilitate your business through its next growth phase."

Diane Richard Founder Diatom Consulting

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