Programs/How we Help

Supply Chain Transactional Excellence: Diatom helps you to drive productivity and predictability through:
  • Documented procedures following industry best practices
  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities
  • Carefully established and monitored Key Performance Metrics
  • Corrective action and trouble-shooting techniques
  • Implementation of robust data management systems
Food Safety Systems: Diatom helps you to implement or improve your:
  • Sustainable Quality Culture
  • Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certification
  • CFIA Safe Food For Canadians (SFCR) compliance
  • FDA Food Modernization Act (FSMA) compliance
  • Traceability and product claims (Organic, Halal, Kosher, Allergen-Free)
Governance and Strategic Planning: Diatom helps to ensure you have robust:
  • Strategic Plans
  • Risk Assessment and Contingency Plans
  • Organization Design and Succession Plans
  • Performance Measurements and Continuous Improvement Plans
  • Culture Change and Employee Engagement

Safe Food For Canadians Regulations Training

Does this apply to you?

Do you:

  • Have over $100,000 in annual revenues?
  • Ship across provincial borders?
  • Export outside of Canada?
  • Import food into Canada?

About Diatom

Diatom supports small to medium sized manufacturing companies to help them with continuous improvement and achieving new levels of quality standards.  The company pairs deep specialized expertise, with the next generation of highly educated and motivated young professionals.  This winning combination creates an attractive business model allowing companies to invest in achieving step-change performance and long-term sustainability. All consultants have been diligently selected for their strength in coaching and development.