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Webinar August 12, 2020 - COVID-19 Surface and PPE Decontamination: How the science of "clean" is driving public health and safety

With the global health crisis, researchers are developing new tools to keep surfaces, personal protective equipment and people clean. This next generation of "clean" tech is in urgent need, with research being quickly deployed and commercialized into new product and technologies to assist frontline workers. Join our discussion as we learn about decontamination research efforts at the University of Toronto, the road to commercialization and deployment, and the most pressing issues facing our national urban transit network as we move into the recovery phase of the Pandemic. This upcoming webinar will be a showcase of research and the important collaborations being developed between industry, researchers and funding partners to make our environment safer, cleaner and more efficient.


  • Ramin Farnood, Vice-Dean, Research, Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, University of Toronto
  • Frank Gu, Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, University of Toronto
  • Cynthia Goh, Department of Chemistry, University of Toronto
  • Graeme Norval, Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, University of Toronto
  • Diane Richard, Founder and President, Diatom Consulting
  • Wendy Reuter, Vice-President, Member Value, Canadian Urban Transit Association
  • Shatha Qaqish-Clavering, Manager, Business Development and Commercialization, OCE (Moderator)

What Diatom Consulting can do for you

Diatom Consulting’s team of experts serves to advance cleaning procedures in a wide range of professional environments ranging from hospitals, laboratories, restaurants, the food industry, office spaces and schools. The primary directive is to assist in the prevention of pathogenic spread, avoid cross-contamination, and the optimization of your cleaning processes.

Diatom Consulting provides assessments utilizing the propriety imagining camera technology Opti-solve PathfinderTM to assist in the identification, validation and verification of your cleaning procedures, and prevent spread of pathogens. The technology allows a novel opportunity to visually establish contamination, problem areas, and the effectiveness of your disinfection processes. It can be used to validate and verify cleaning technologies or solutions or simply improve your workplace environment, providing a safe environment for your employees and visitors.


Diatom Consulting yields results

  • Review of cleaning policies & procedures
  • Collaborative site assessment plan
  • Full-scale contamination site assessment
  • Full review of assessment outcomes
  • Report and recommendations review
  • Training for continuous improvement

The Opti-Solve PathfinderTM technology is just one of many tools utilized by Diatom Consulting in order to facilitate compliance towards the Safe Food for Canadians Act, Food Safety Modernization Act, Global Food Safety Initiatives for Retail Clients, Facility Readiness/GMP, HACC/PCP design and compliance, as well as general and clinical safety risk assessments.

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